Scientists for Cycling


Call for papers for the

European Cyclists’ Federation, Scientists for Cycling sessions at Velo-city Dublin

25th to 28th June 2019 - ‘Cycling for the ages’


The recognition of cycling as an equal mode of transport in the Graz Declaration "Starting a new era: clean, safe and affordable mobility for Europe" (October 2018) marks a significant step forward for cycling research. In light of this achievement, the theme of "Cycling for the Ages" adopted for Velo-city Dublin, 25th to 28th June 2019, is even more important. The conference will consider how we can make cycling an intergenerational mode of transport accessible to truly everyone; how cycling is shaped past and future by our socio-economic systems and structures and technological advances in the transport and data world; how we make cycling a viable solution to increasing crises of climate change, environmental degradation and social tensions. It will do this through three specifically identified sub-themes:


  1. Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems and Data Analytics;

  2. Health and Society;

  3. Environment & Infrastructure.


The Scientists for Cycling network will have a series of identified sessions run by the network and integrated within the conference programme.


We invite papers from any discipline or research interest exploring the conference theme and/or its sub-themes from a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. Topics could include, but are not limited to:


  • Cycling and the social (e.g. exploring societal benefits and inequalities of cycling)

  • Value for money (e.g. The challenges of evaluation of cycling policies and interventions)

  • Constructing safe cycling (e.g. Understanding how infrastructure, norms and perceptions affect perceptions of cycling safety)

  • Beyond ‘Vision Zero’ (e.g. moving into an integrated vision of road safety with health and wellbeing)

  • ‘Normalising’ cycling (e.g. exploring links between cycle tourism/leisure cycling and everyday cycling)

  • Smart cycling (e.g. How to use and question big data sources for monitoring cycling).


Abstract Submission

Submit: 300 word abstract (maximum) including theme paper title, author name and e-mail, and author institutional affiliation

Presentation Format: 15 minute oral presentation (+ questions) OR Poster (A0). please note that after review, the organisers may suggest a different form of presentation from that which you have indicated a preference


Deadline: 13 January 2019

Notification: 15 February 2019


Further information on the conference and the themes can be found at