Keynote Speakers

Philippe Crist

Philippe Crist is Advisor for Innovation and Foresight for the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

His work focuses disruptive urban mobility scenarios, including automated driving, and examines how car-based and active mobility, public transport and taxis must adapt to these. He leads ITF work on data science how to leverage new and rapidly growing data sources to improve transport decision-making and is investigating how policy and regulation might adapt to an increasingly algorithmically-driven world. His work also encompasses helping public authorities think about how public space allocation, including curb management, will change under new travel practices and business models.

He is also a recognised world expert on cycling safety and policy, and in 2016 he won the Danish Cycling Embassy's Leadership Award for Cycling Promotion.

A French-American dual national, he is an ex-competitive cyclist and avid mushroom hunter. He also does much of his best thinking on a bicycle.

Klaus Bondam

Klaus Bondam has been the CEO of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation since 2014, representing the interests and working to improve cyclists’ conditions in Denmark. Klaus Bondam has a wide-ranging career spreading from nationwide famous actor, to Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs in Copenhagen and now to representative of the millions of everyday cyclists in Denmark. During his years as a political leader, Mr. Bondam contributed significantly to establishing Copenhagen as a game changer, on the international everyday cycling scene with some of the best possible conditions for cyclists. Copenhagen is today a living proof of a city with a modern sustainable mobility and a strong focus on liveability.

Amanda Ngabirano

Ms Amanda Ngabirano is an urban and regional planner, lecturing at Makerere University in Kampala. She is known to be so passionate about planned physical development for sustainability, vitality and inclusiveness.

She has been involved in several urban development projects locally, regionally as well as internationally, with a particular inclination to urban transport. Her passion and commitment towards smart cities is unrivalled. Ms Amanda is one of the active urban and regional planning lecturers at Makerere University, always seeking to link theory and practice. She is also the Vice President, World Cycling Alliance, board member representing the African continent. Amanda rides her bicycle in her city Kampala, and sees a huge opportunity in investing in cycling, together with walking, NOW and not latter. She tirelessly works closely with her city leadership to give cycling and people, the future they deserve, and is glad to see some admirable results already. Amanda is also a fine, articulate and experienced specialist in communicating urban development issues, no matter the complexity of the subject. Notably, she is one of the most inspiring international speakers, who never leaves her audience the same. She is popularly known as ‘Amanda from Uganda’ and ‘Madam Bicycle’. For more information about Ms Amanda Ngabirano, please visit

Bronwen Thornton

Bronwen Thornton is an advocate and expert on walking and walkable communities.  She brings a voice for walking to the international stage, working with global agencies, (e.g. WHO, ITF, UN Environment, and World Bank) and within local communities, cities and professional arenas.  She leads on the annual International Walk21 Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities and its growing legacy events and initiatives, such as the International Charter for Walking.  She is a board member of the SLoCaT Foundation, International Federation of Pedestrians (IFP) and Program Director with the Outdoor Trust. She has more than 20 years experience in strategic transport planning, community and political engagement and creative policy and project delivery with a focus on sustainable and equitable transport.  And even after spending all day talking about walking, Bronwen enjoys nothing more than a long walk with her family and dog.

Jennifer Dill

Dr. Jennifer Dill is a professor in the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University and Director of the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC). Her research focuses on the relationships between transportation, land use, health, and the environment, with a focus on bicycling and walking, as well as newer modes such e-scooters and carsharing. Her cycling research has included evaluations of innovative infrastructure in the US, equity of bikesharing, types of cyclists, and rider behavior using GPS data. Dr. Dill chaired the Transportation Research Board’s Bicycle Transportation Committee, as well as serving on several TRB bicycling-related research panels.  

Matthew Philpott

Dr. Matthew Philpott is Executive Director of European Healthy Stadia Network. He is responsible for the overall operations and growth of Healthy Stadia, including partnership development and programme management, and liaises directly with key partners at UEFA, EU and European public health agencies. Prior to this, Matthew worked in the private sector in the area of marketing and communications, working on a number of national public health accounts in the UK. Matthew originally worked as a doctoral and post-doctoral researcher at University of Warwick, gaining a PhD in Philosophy and Psychology in 2001. His research is widely published and has included working with a cross-section of professionals from the health sector, local/national government, voluntary sectors and professional sports agencies, including national and European governing bodies of sport.

Ryan Rzepecki 

Ryan Rzepecki is the founder and CEO of JUMP. Ryan has a BS in Marketing from Penn State University and a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College. He previously worked for the NYC Department of Transportation as a bike planner before founding JUMP in 2010. JUMP operates fleets of shared electric bikes for short trips within cities. Jump was acquired by Uber in May and is scaling globally.  Ryan's passion is to apply technology to make urban transportation faster, more affordable, and convenient.

Francesco Iacorossi

Former rugbyplayer and devoted cyclist, Francesco Iacorossi has been working as a project manager at Roma Servizi per la Mobilita since 2009 within EU funded projects mainly in the field of sustainable and active mobility behaviour through the promotion of cycling and walking measures in urban areas. He has also served as a communication and dissemination strategy leader in several EU projects and initiatives such as HandShake, P.A.S.T.A, ECC, Bike Challenge, and SUMP Roma. Author of “When in Rome Go Sustainable” a green-guide featuring the Italian Rugby & Tennis Federations, FIAB and Healthy Stadia to reach the Stadio Olimpico in Rome through public transport and cycling. Co-Chair of @ITF_Forum #SaferCityStreets for Rome. Appointed as a new member of the Osservatorio Bikeconomy's scientific committee.

Virginia Sullivan

Virginia "Ginny" Sullivan is the Director of Travel Initiatives at Adventure Cycling Association, North America’s only organization dedicated to bicycle tourism and travel with 53,000 members from across the world. Programs Ginny manages include officially designating cross country bicycle routes into the U.S. Bicycle Route System, currently at almost 14,000-miles; co-leading the Amtrak Bicycle Task Force, with a goal of seeing carry-on bicycle service across the US; working with National Park Service and State Park systems on bicycle tourism amenities and accommodations; and advocacy for safety by improving bicycle passing and distracted driving laws and inclusive transportation policy. Ginny’s team also works to protect and improve Adventure Cycling’s 47,283-miles of cultivated and mapped bicycle routes across North America. Ginny’s work is partner focused and her efforts are driven by the Adventure Cycling mission to inspire, empower and connect people to travel by bicycle.

Mariel Figueroa

Mariel Figueroa is the Country Manager of Tembici Argentina, company in charge of the new Bike Share System of Buenos Aires. She has as main responsibility the comprehensive management of the company in the country. 

Mariel is known to be passionate about transportation and urban mobility and has a strong belief that the bicycle is a powerful tool of social transformation that improve people's quality of life. 
She worked as a General Coordinator of the Bike Share System "Mi Bici Tu Bici" in the city of Rosario, Argentina, and developed activities in the public sector as a member of the Strategic Projects Management Area in the Entity of Mobility of the same city. She is also co-founder and promoter of, an open, free and collaborative platform with information about the Bike Share Systems of Latin America. In the academic field she has been involved in several research projects related to urban mobility.

Mariel is an Industrial Engineer graduated from the National University of Rosario and is currently working on a Master's Degree in Transportation Planning and Management at the University of Buenos Aires. 

Matthew Baldwin

Matthew Baldwin is Deputy Director General of DG MOVE, with responsibility for the transport "modes" – land (road and rail), waterborne (including ports policy) and aviation - and multimodality.  In addition to these responsibilities, on 2 October 2018, he was appointed as European Coordinator for road safety and related aspects of sustainable mobility, and these issues are now his main focus.   

He has served in the cabinets of Commissioner Lamy, President Barroso and Commissioner Hill, the last as Head of Cabinet. 

He has two sons, speaks English and French and lives in Brussels

Chris Boardman

Chris Boardman was appointed as Greater Manchester’s first ever Cycling and Walking Commissioner in July 2017 by Mayor Andy Burnham. His report, Made to Move, published in December 2017, set out a 15 step plan to transform how people get around in the city region.

He is one of the UK’s most prominent cycling and walking advocates and has been policy adviser to British Cycling since 2012. 

A former professional cyclist, Chris won a gold medal in the individual pursuit at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. He also broke the world hour record three times and has worn the yellow jersey on three separate occasions at the Tour de France.

Chris launched his own range of bikes, BOARDMAN Bikes, in 2007 and is company chairman. He also worked as Head of Research and Development for the Great Britain Cycling Team from 2004 to 2012, including at the 2008 Beijing Games where the Olympic team won eight gold medals. 

Christophe Najdovski

Christophe Najdovski was born in Paris, in 1969, from Macedonian parents. He graduated from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne with a Master in environmental economics. He started his carrier as a high school teacher of economics in Paris and its area. In 2013, he taught social politics in the University Institute of Technology of Bobigny.

In 1993, Christophe Najdovski joined the green party “Les Verts”. He became an advocate for the use of bicycle in the city and joined monthly demonstration to defend a better repartition of the public space.

In 2001, He was elected at the Paris City Council and named deputy mayor in charge of transports of Paris 12th district. He thus contributed to the implementation of a green mobility policy with the creation of bus lanes, the weekly closing of the expressway on the Seine riverbanks and the launch of the bicycle share system: “Vélib”.

Re-elected in 2008, Christophe Najdovski became deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of childhood policy. He created 4500 child care places and initiated environmental friendly approach in order to reduce the ecological impact of nursery activities and to awaken the awareness of children, parents and professionals to adequate environmental practices.

In April 2014, Anne Hidalgo, new mayor of Paris, appointed him as deputy mayor in charge of transports and public space. His 4 main goals for the term of his mandate are: to reduce atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, to promote a better mobility for everyone, regardless of age or social condition, to restore the passage of the Seine riverside and the canals banks, and to give back the public space to pedestrians and cyclists. Since 2018, Christophe Najdovski has been President of the European Cyclists' Federation.

Karina Vestergård Madsen 

Karina Vestergård Madsen is the functioning mayor of technical and environmental affairs in the City of Copenhagen. 
Karina has been part of the Municipal Council of Copenhagen since 2014 for the Red-Green Alliance, where she also serves as group chairwoman. She has been a member of the Economy Committee and the Social Committee of Copenhagen since 2017.
Karina has a master’s degree in Communication and works in IT and Communication – before taking leave in order to function as mayor. Karina is a native Copenhagener and has lived in Copenhagen her entire life – with only a few breaks for studying in the US and Pakistan. She has no drivers license and takes the bicycle wherever she goes – unless the distance dictates public transport.
Karina’s fundamental political issues are to strengthen Copenhagen’s disadvantaged areas, increase the availability of high-quality and affordable housing for people of average income, improve sustainable and public transportation, as well as create attractive, democratic and accessible urban open spaces.

Burkhard Stork

Burkhard Stork is one of the leading advocates for urban cycling - promoting safe and attractive bike infrastructure for all at the national and international level.

Anne Graham

Anne is Chief Executive Officer with the National Transport Authority. The Authority is responsible for the provision, regulation and integration of public transport services, the provision of supporting infrastructure for sustainable transport and for driving the greater use of sustainable transport as a mode of choice. She previously worked with the Authority as Director of Public Transport Services on the regulation and provision of public transport services nationally. Prior to joining the NTA, she worked in the Dublin local authorities as a chartered civil engineer in the drainage, roads and traffic divisions; as a project manager on the redevelopment of Dublin’s O’Connell Street area and as an Area Manager in the South West area of the city.

Lucy Saunders

Lucy Saunders is a public health specialist, urbanist and transport planner. She created the Healthy Streets Approach, an evidence based-framework for decision making at every level to embed public health in city transport, public realm, and planning. Building on her success in London she now shares her expertise with cities and regions globally. Her highly influential work put health at the heart of city policy in London. Healthy Streets is the framework of the Mayor’s 25-year Transport Strategy, a pillar of the London Plan (spatial plan) and part of all the Mayor’s statutory strategies. She developed bespoke Healthy Streets tools to enable practitioners to apply the Healthy Streets Approach in horizon scanning, case making, design, implementation, and evaluation. She has trained over 500 practitioners in the UK and overseas. She is a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health and has masters degrees in geography and public health.

Karen Vancluysen

Karen Vancluysen was appointed as Secretary General of the Polis network in September 2014, after having been the network's Research Director for 8 years. Polis is the leading European network of cities and regions on urban transport innovation. Since 1989, members have been working together to develop sustainable and innovative urban mobility solutions for the city of today and tomorrow. The network also engages in debates around topical issues such as active travel, shared mobility services, MaaS, automated transport, electromobility and innovative governance approaches. Prior to joining Polis in 2004, Karen was Network Manager at ACCESS-EUROCITIES for a New Mobility Culture and project manager at Langzaam Verkeer, a Belgian centre for mobility management. Since 1998, she has been involved in European urban transport networking and policy activities and many EU research and innovation projects covering a wide range of urban mobility topics. 

Xavier Brice

Xavier has long believed that how we travel is one of the biggest factors shaping how we live and relate to one another. So he is thrilled to be leading the UK charity Sustrans, which is working to build a society where the way that we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone. The way that Sustrans does this is to make it easier for people to walk and cycle – as put simply, people do what’s easiest!

This isn’t Xavier’s first time speaking at Velocity. Before Sustrans he spent 10 years at Transport for London and in 2007 Xavier spoke at Velocity Munich, sharing early ideas for the city’s new cycling and walking strategy that he was developing on behalf of the Mayor. This was later implemented, introducing cycle-hire to London and the – then – novel concept of Cycle Superhighways to Europe.

Xavier enjoys cycling whenever he can, and spent last Summer on Eurovelo 1 with his wife, two young girls, two tandems, two tents and too much baggage.

Orna Donoghue

Dr. Orna Donoghue is the Project Manager for The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) which is a large-scale nationally representative cohort study of over 8,000 community-dwelling adults aged 50 years and over resident in Ireland. Orna is responsible for the overall planning, execution and management of the TILDA data collection process to facilitate TILDA research and policy objectives. Her current research interests focus on the factors influencing walking and mobility in older Irish adults, with a particular focus on how these can predict adverse outcomes such as falls, disability and cognitive decline. 

Owen Keegan

Owen P Keegan was appointed as Chief Executive of Dublin City Council in September 2013 having served as Chief Executive of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council (DLR) from February 2006. Before joining DLR he worked for Dublin City Council, where he was Assistant Chief Executive and then Director of Traffic.
Prior to October 1993 he worked as an economist for DKM Economic Consultants/Davy Stockbrokers. He has also worked in the Department of Finance, the ESRI and for two periods in the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.
Mr Keegan is from Dublin. He holds degrees in public administration, economics, and civil engineering.

Orla Carroll

Orla Carroll is Director of Product Development at Fáilte Ireland. She joined Fáilte Ireland in 2008 after working for over 10 years in the Telecommunications Industry.
As Director of Product Development, Orla has responsibility for leading the development and implementation of strategies which support the sustainable development of tourism to Ireland. Orla has responsibility for the development and implementation of Irelands Tourism Development Investment strategy which strives to stimulate and support innovation in the development of tourism experiences in Ireland that will deliver greater regional and seasonal spread of tourism, while maintaining the competitiveness we already have in mature destinations.
Throughout her career she has led the development and implementation of aggressive product and experience development strategies to achieve growth.

Ádám Bodor

Ádám Bodor is currently the Advocacy and EuroVelo director of the European Cyclists` Federation. He holds master degree in geography and economics, worked earlier as the managing director of an industrial park, project manager on the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and as an independent consultant on EU Funds. His cycling carrier started as the board member of ECF in 2004 and he was the first “ministerial commissioner responsible for cycling” and the co-chair of the inter-ministerial working group for cycling in Hungary form 2005 to 2010. He coordinated the preparation and implementation of the first national cycling strategy of Hungary for the 2007-2013 period which served as a basis to allocate 180million Euros to construct 2000km new cycling infrastructure, the first national standard and the GIS-based monitoring system of cycling infrastructure, introduce a more cycling friendly highway code, start cycle training for kids, bike to work campaign and cycling-friendly cities, employers schemes. Since working for ECF he reorganized the management of EuroVelo and achieved its first recognition by the European institutions.  Since 2016 he coordinates the advocacy work of ECF and the preparation of the EU cycling strategy.

Raluca Fiser

President at Green Revolution Association (environmental NGO)
Vice President – board member of the European Cyclists Federation

Raluca founded in 2009 Green Revolution Association, the first Romanian NGO of urban ecology that implements measures underlying the building of a green city. Expert in strategic management and communication, she is coordinating CSR projects for more than 7 years. As Managing Partner. In 2007 she launched the first Romanian media organization on environmental business and legislation, called Green Report.

She is also responsible for business development and implementation, strategy & communication, liaison with partners and strategic networks including governments, industry and civil society as well as securing the NGO’s funding. Direct responsible of the NGO result and communication strategies. 
Developer and operator of the Ivelo ( bike-sharing projects.

Oluwaseun Sonoiki

Oluwaseun Sonoiki is the Corporate & Legal Secretary at LAMATA, an agency of the Lagos State Government which is responsible for planning, implementing, regulating and franchising public transport infrastructure and operations. 
‘Seun contributes to the development of legal strategies that enables the necessary resource consents for the implementation of LAMATA’s capital projects and she advises LAMATA on all matters relevant to its operation, particularly land transport related acts, regulations, rules and state sector related legislation.

She played a vital role in supporting the development of the Lagos Non – Motorised Transport (NMT) Policy which aims to create an environment that supports increased accessibility by prioritising walking and cycling.

As a member of LAMATA’s Executive Management Team she specialises in Corporate Transactional Law, building and maintaining effective relationships with key business users, external legal providers and public sector legal advisors.

‘Seun is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Law Society England and Wales, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN) and she is currently undergoing an Executive MBA programme at the Business School Netherlands.

Brendan O'Brien

Brendan leads the mobility and traffic management division of Dublin City Council whose aim is to facilitate  the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in the city. He is responsible for sustainable transport projects including the provision of better walking and cycling infrastructure as well as Public Transport priority projects. Projects such as the Canal Way cycle route , Clontarf to City Centre cycle route  and proposals for College Green pedestrianisation are examples of  the various works undertaken by the department. 

The use of Intelligent Transportation Systems  is a key element in how Dublin assists movement in the city. Projects undertaken have included the deployment of a multi modal real time passenger information system for all of Ireland covering bus, tram and rail. He also was responsible for the design and implementation of  HGV management strategy  in Dublin with the banning of large trucks and the implementation of e-permits for all deliveries by large vehicles.

A number of initiatives have recently been put in place by the  transport Department  in advance of this including Cycle safe intersections , last mile delivery ECO hubs and the  successfully launched regulated station less bike scheme to complement the Station Bike share scheme already in existence.

Miguel Gaspar

Between 2003 and 2015 he worked in a consulting company for mobility as consultant and administrator. As administrator he was responsible for the business development.

In the area of planning he participated in the development of mobility plans, and other tools for territorial management and impact assessment of new transport infrastructures and concession management.

Concerning urban mobility, he developed different activities in the area of business development and regulation of parking and urban logistic. Regarding public transport, he participated in developing regulatory framework for the sector, tendering process and network analysis and improvement.

More recently he developed projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems, both at a consultancy level, but also as an active member of the Portuguese ITS association.

He was the assistant of the State Secretary for the Environment he participated actively in the development of sectorial regulation, including regulation for innovative transport solutions. He was responsible of the technical work regarding the decision support for the Portuguese State regarding its role as Transport Authority, including the transference of Carris for the city of Lisbon, the transference of the STCP management for the municipalities and funding schemes for Public Service Contracts of Public Transport Operators.

As Councilman for the city of Lisbon, he is responsible for the city traffic management, for the municipal BUS and Tram company Carris, for the municipal mobility company EMEL (responsible for on-street and off-street parking), road safety, and the Municipal Police (including traffic enforcement and community police).

Janez Koželj

Janez Koželj was born on 18 August 1945 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Having taught Urban design at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, he has been the protagonist of the contextual approach to town planning. Since 1995 his interest has been shifted to the strategic issues of the contemporary urban design. Focusing his research on the contemporary city, he relates site analysis findings to his built projects. He received many national and international awards for architecture. Since 2006 he is Deputy Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, responsible for urban and traffic planning, urban design and environment protection. The main task of his office is to introduce the policies regarding the sustainable transformation of the city.

More information:

Shane Ross

Shane Ross was first elected as an Independent Senator for Trinity College Dublin in 1981, and was subsequently re-elected nine times.
In the 2011 General Election, Shane was elected as an Independent TD to Dublin South. During his first term in the Dáil, he introduced seven Private Members Bills and became an active member of the Public Accounts Committee. 
In the 2016 General Election, Shane again topped the poll, becoming the first T.D. elected to represent the newly configured Dublin Rathdown.
On the 6th of May 2016, Shane was appointed to Cabinet as Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport. He remains in that post today.

Dr. John McCarthy is the European Intelligent Mobility leader and informs the Global activity for Arup in the area of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. He brings over 20 years of expertise to the role. He is a specialist in the delivery of Digital Services including areas such as Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Cyber Security and Transport Network Operations. John has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin where he also served as a lecturer and has also worked in developing Digital capability across a number of Divisions at Transport for London.

John has been a pioneer in the adoption of Mobility based approaches to transport. This includes several MaaS projects, leading the development of CAV Roadmap and Test guidelines for a number of National bodies, as well as running technology foresight activity linked to Shared and Electrical Vehicles. John has authorised a number of thought pieces and papers on CAVs, from technical to policy to job creation review and sits on a number of Government based steering groups in this area. John acted as the technical director for two major CAV trials in the UK as well as undertaking a range of CAV projects relating to road network impacts and cybersecurity. John has worked on Mobility as a Service projects for local councils and has advised on possible business models and roles and responsibilities in this market space. John acts as Advisory Board member of AUTOPILOT, an EU funded CAV/IoT large scale project is a member of IEEE International 5G Testbed and Roadmap Working Group. John undertakes International Peer review for CAV projects globally and has a particular interest in the Digital Services needed to underpin new mobility services. In addition, John leads a number of Infrastructure based projects including Smart Lighting utilisation for large Cities.

John McCarthy