Cycling in Dublin

Dublin successfully hosted the Velo-city conference in 2005. Since then, Dublin has remained committed to sustainable transport and active mobility and has increased the number of cyclists in the city by 147%. The number of Dublin City residents who mainly cycled for their commute is up 48% from 2011. Dublin has also introduced and expanded one of the most successful bike share schemes in the world, Dublinbikes.

Dublin is implementing an ambitious cycle network that incorporates most of a unique UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Dublin has advanced many initiatives to make the city centre more liveable and less car dominated and is looking for SMART ways to use technology to help increase cycling. Dublin is committed to sustainable transport and active mobility. Since the mid 1990’s, there has been strong policy commitment to promote modal shift to sustainable travel and this has been expressed in National, Regional and City level Planning and Transportation statutory strategies.


Dublin has adopted a vision led integrated approach to increase cycling which involves planning for cyclists in the design of our city from a strategic to site level. Proactive Mobility Management and Travel Planning are key strategies that have been employed to encourage mode shift and to increase the numbers cycling. As a Smart City Dublin is exploring how technology can help increase cycling and has worked with Enterprise Ireland and a number of companies to trial unique and smart solutions that will promote cycling and foster entrepreneurship.